As you may know, one of the most helpful tools we have for home owners is our interactive, state-of-the-art showroom. It’s 5,000 square feet of pure home renovation goodness, letting you see and feel exactly how our roofing, siding and window products will fit into your home.

But, while looking and feeling is nice, we also want you to know a bit about the brands behind our products, and why we believe they’re the best option for your home.

Alside Siding and Windows

Just like Husker Siding, Windows and Roofing, Alside was originally founded by one man, except it was founded 65 years ago instead of “just” 15. Also just like us, Alside has a strict dedication to excellence; they aren’t satisfied with anything less than a perfect building experience.

Alside specializes in all things vinyl – vinyl siding, vinyl windows, vinyl railing, vinyl everything. This focus may sound a little narrow to you, but Alside is a company that takes pride in doing one thing really, really well, and their vinyl products continue to raise the bar for quality and longevity.

Crane Siding and Trim

Crane is a company that understands the individuality of each and every homeowner. That’s why their Exterior Portfolio website is designed all around you – the customer. They want you to have the perfect siding for your home, and their wide array of finishes, textures, materials and customizations reflect that. We stand behind Crane siding products because they were built with YOU in mind, nothing else.

Milgard Windows and Doors

We’ve chosen to use Milgard windows and doors because, just like us, they can prove their excellence. Milgard has won six of the past ten Best Quality Vinyl Window awards given out each year by Builder magazine. On top of that, their innovative SmartTouch window lock has earned recognition from the Arthritis Foundation for its incredible ease-of-use. In short, Milgard goes the extra mile with each and every one of their products, and this is why we recommend their windows.

Atlas Shingles

Our shingles of choice come from Atlas Roofing because, without beating around the bush, their shingles are the best on the market. We could rattle off a whole bunch of technical features to prove it – like Class 4 Impact Resistance, Scotchgard Algae Resistance, SBS-modified asphalt, and more warranties than you could shake a stick at. But, ultimately, it’s easier to tell you that Atlas shingles are reliable, long-lived and good looking too.

If you’d like to see our building products for yourself, we would love to give you a tour of our interactive showroom. Feel free to call and make an appointment, or simply drop by. Either way, one of our friendly staff will be here to help you get started.

To see photos of our products in use on home exteriors, go to our Gallery or click on the specific icon:

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